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BOLD innovative and daring community conversations are happening all around the world today.  This is your opportunity to explore the dimensions of dialogue that can enchance and change the world.  See below for media links, articles and videos.

Media Outlets around North America are producing segments around the Community Conversation theme interviewing local leaders and activists talking about relevant social issues. 
For an example of a local television station doing this
- click here

Community Conversations Bridging Stories - March 16, 2023

Originally, this website was a repository for some of my field research relating to my graduate studies.

I tracked hundreds of Community Conversations in some cases participating in them where available.

Others were observed, facilitation tested, survey & interview follow-ups gave me a strong indication that these dialogues were making a huge impact.

Since there is NO national organization leading this  movement, I am proposing in 2023 we get together and examine what the possibilities are for unity!

Community Conversations Comprehensive Plan Feb 16th, 2023

The City of Mount Vernon has launched its Comprehensive Plan and began hosting Community Conversations to provide context on the planning process and engage community members on their vision for the future of the city, as well as their concerns and ideas. This meeting is part of the Community Conversation series hosted in January – March, 2023

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