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This website came together as part of my 2010 graduate project for the Western Institute for Social Research ( in Berkely, California.  I've been involved in researching deliberative dialogue processes for decades and finally decided it was time to document and further engage the potentials of civic engagement.

Currently, in our 2024 election year, I am revisiting some of my ideas in hopes of getting inolved in new community based action research projects.  I also write about more intimate and personal adaptations of dynamic breakthrough means I am calling Loving Conversations (.com) both of these concepts are book pitches!

I reside (at present) in Wisconsin with my two daughters who were both born in Los Angeles and yes, we all miss the weather!  We've also lived in upstate NY and Shanghai, China to round things out.  I'm a social scientist with a lot of ideas to share.  You can read more about me and my work at - thanks!


Ask me about my other trainings and certifications

2018  Doctorate in Higher Education

The Western Institute for Social Research,

Berkeley, CA


Masters in Education

Cambridge College,

Boston, MA

Northeastern Illinois University  (BA)

University of Chicago

Wright College (AA)

I graduated from an interdisciplinary PhD program in higher education and social change for adults involved in education and community work. My research centers on how citizens can raise awareness through a dialogue process that empowers participatory action and locality rights.

My major included curriculum and instruction, counseling, school psychology, and administration. The learning experience was exceptional for myself and my study group who were interested in the development of children and adults.  The ideas can be applied to varying educational issues.

This integrated marketing communications degree program taught me to use research, strategic thinking, and creativity to develop and promote innovative print, television, and virtual advertising campaigns which I was able to bring to a variety of corporations and organizations internationally.

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